Handmade Child Canvas Swing Monochrome - Black

Handmade Child Canvas Swing Monochrome - Black

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Swinging contributes to motor and cognitive development. It also calms, liberates and teaches balance and perception of space.

Recommended use is from 2 years old.


 Handmade with love and natural materials that last for years.

♥ Each swing comes with a matching carrying bag.

 Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

♥ Very light weight, makes it easy to carry when travelling or hiking.

♥ Made in Israel with the highest quality materials making it super strong and secure for your precious baby.

The swing is provided with a carabiner at its edge for the benefit of hanging. Depending on the nature of the place you want to hang the swing, choose the appropriate extension for it. To hang on a tree, choose a strong strap. To hang on the ceiling of the house, choose a steel wall plug. Please consult a professional in a hardware store near you to choose the right extension for you.

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