Carrying a baby through a sling or even through a wrap has various benefits in comparison with other methods of baby carrying. Raising healthy and happy children is one of the main goals of any parent. One way of obtaining this objective is through babywearing. It entails the act of carrying a young child through the help of a sling, carrier or even a wrap. The choice of type of babywearing depends on several factors such as breastfeeding, mode of parenting etc. Baby carrying is essential especially for new parents as it allows to perform other tasks at the same time checking on the baby. It is common for babies to be close to their mothers as it does not only allow for efficient care but also strengthens the bond between them. There are several merits linked to babywearing as well illustrated below.

The benefits of babywearing

Baby development

Babywearing allows for more time between the mother and the child and as a result, the baby is able to learn skills such as observation, listening etc. This is made possible as the more as the mother communicates a lot with the child. The baby also develops emotionally and also attains early language development.

Free hands

Babywearing leaves the hands free thereby offering one with the opportunity to engage in other activities such as shopping, reading a book etc. This is a major advantage especially for parents as it also offers them a chance to also attend to other siblings who may also require attention.

Improves the child core strength

Wearing a baby provides him or her with the environment that allows for the development of core muscles as the child engages in more movement of body organs such as lifting their heads in an attempt to have more view of the environments.


Bonding is a major benefit of babywearing. In this case, the baby feels the parent’s attachment which brings the sense of safety. Moreover, the baby feels the mother’s warmth, breathing as well as a voice which creates the aspect of more physical contact thereby enhancing more mother to baby bond.

Enhances better breastfeeding

Babywearing, especially through baby slings, offers the mother with an easy way to breastfeed. One of the ways is through the strong bond created between the child and the mother which increases the breast milk production thereby easing the act of breastfeeding.

Helps maintain privacy and protection

Babywearing enables the mother to privately breast feed the child in public. Moreover, it offers the mother with the ability to protect the baby from unwanted intrusions.

Offers a form of exercise

Babywearing creates a form of exercise as one walks around home or even in the neighborhood. Moreover, as the baby grows the heavier they become thereby adjusting the exercise.

Reduces baby’s crying

Various research has proven that carrying the baby reduces the level of crying. This is mainly because the closeness nature created by babywearing brings the aspect of soothing to the baby thereby making them cry less.