We believe that the most significant thing in the world is to have quality time together as a family, and to make every moment a blessed experience.

From that purpose our family business was created and named Flying Chick because we know that even before our small chicks have their wings in the world, they can surly fly very high in their mind, happiness, authenticity and blessed energy...

Our motivation comes from all children of the earth, and the bless they bring with them. Each child is unique and has its own special gift for the world. We believe that the more we can give them the freedom to express their most authentic way, they can show and teach us great things crossing the borders of our imagination.

We as parents have a great responsibility for the development of our children and their environment. Life is what we create of it, so our vision is to create heaven on earth for everyone.

We see ourselves as much more than a business that sells products, but more of a community of brothers and sisters, big and small, striving to reach a shared destiny of one big human family.

Please join us on our journey, we promise to give the best of us.


Michal, Victor and Sean